Tuesday, November 04, 2008

november 4

I voted. Got let out of work early and rushed my butt to the Algiers court house. I told my students that I would not discuss my vote. Some immediately understood that a vote is private. When I refused to say whether I was voting for Obama this morning, there was a garbled racial comment and some said, "She's voting for McCain!" (And then had no idea what to do when I retorted, "Just because I'm white?") I told them that McCain and Obama could walk into my room and I would not tell them who I was voting for. It's my vote. I don't want my opinions to taint my place as an educator. Like I tell them, it's not my job to give you the answers. It's my job to teach you to use your brain.

Even so, this is going to sound dumb, but it's true...

...I voted for my kids. I voted for not letting them be forgotten or written off.

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