Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i's gonna be edukatin ur childruns!

it's drizzling here in nola, something that rarely happens. we get humid and we get torrential downpour, but a pleasant summer showers come few and far between. so while i am watching it rain i've been a studious grad student at the library, leaching UNO wireless internets and making copies of periodicals for class work.

oh, right, and today i got a job. i like to think of this as my 'real' job. which isn't to say that what i was doing before i quit the corporate box world for greener and more challenging pastures wasn't a real job. it is just that life in a law firm always felt so temporary, as in 'this is what i'm doing until i find something to do.' when people asked me about my job, i couldn't pretend that it was interesting or important. life as an administrative assistant was hardly what i'd expected of my post-college existence (especially when so many of my contemporaries were doing way hipper things). but today has changed all that.

yours truly is a 6th grade math & science teacher. at a school in my 'hood, no less!

because i have to get familiar with two curricula (wasn't expecting to teach science at all) it is that much more imperative that i find some work space at home to do my teacherly duties. trust me, no work happens while sitting in bed surrounded by knitting projects, watching tv on the internets, eating ice cream and painting one's toe nails.


will said...

Hawesome. Congrats Em!

Maitri said...

Hey, congratulations! You'll be a great teacher! If you need anyone to come in and talk about geology, give me a shout.