Wednesday, July 11, 2007

education anxiety

I will be going in for my new teacher orientation here in a few. Last night I had some serious New Teacher/New School Year Anxiety of the type that keeps you awake several hours past bed time trying to plan the perfect classroom, create the perfect set of classroom rules, and devise the most brilliant set of classroom procedures that ever were. What am I going to do on my first day of school? How can I effectively integrate the math and science curricula? Can I handle a class full of half-sized people who think math is boring? What if the 7th grade teacher gets my kids next year and they haven't learned anything?

My greatest challenge so far has been to keep myself from assuming things about kids I haven't even met yet. And are the other teachers going to be cool? I hope they're cool.

(As an aside, the course of this blog I suspect is changing. My old junk ain't all that interesting anyway.)

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Brewster said...

Teaching is hard.

Self-evaluating is even harder.

One really important thing to remember is some kids are lazy, and some are just incapable of learning certain things. And that's not your fault.

It's a worthwhile investment of time to pick out some "litmus test" kids, a few kids with a range of aptitudes. If the slower kid didn't get it, maybe they need a different method. If the average kid didn't get it, there might be something wrong with the way you taught the lesson. If the really smart kid didn't get it, you fucked up.