Sunday, June 24, 2007

the life of a glacier

Oh, the wonders of wireless. Because the wireless internets at my house have been tempermental, I am forced to do my homework at the bar. Brought my roommate to work at Cosimos and am leaching wireless from there over a rum'n'coke. Because I don't really want to be doing my homework (I mean really, who wants to write a lesson plan about glaciers?) I am putzing around the vast interwebs in order to procrastinate. Truman, one of our cats, has also been helping me in this capacity recently.

Truman says, "i r sleepin on ur homeworkz, protectin ur knowledge."

In the mean time, our continued Operation Get Haus Organized continues to move at a glacial pace. We've decided to paint the kitchen blue with green and orange cabinets to match the rest of the downstairs. Other than that, roomie and I spend quite a lot of time talking about what we're going to do when we stop talking and start doing.

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