Wednesday, June 20, 2007

painter, teacher, behavioral psychologist, social scientist...

Yay homework! Monday I spent way too much time making up classroom rules, rewards, and consequences. In true New Orleans fashion I opted for a dubloon economy. Still, it took me more than two hours to come up with something that I consider adequate to turn in, even if I’m not entirely satisfied. Next, I have to work on a case study to implement behavioral change. Nobody ever told me that being a teacher involved so much behavioral data collection! Now I am more convinced than ever that any shred of a life I had up until now is gone forever. I’m going to be a lesson-planning, school-obsessed hermit.

Still unemployed. I have not been a diligent job searcher. Have to change that soon.

But doesn’t my paint look bright and cheery? The before pictures are just too depressingly gray to post. I am looking forward to my roommate coming home so that we can start planning for a couch and other fabulousness. I also want to enlist her help with The Great Purge. I’ve ditched many, many bags and boxes of trash but there is still quite a ways to go. I cannot go it alone - I will need a navigator to guide me and my roomie has been much better about the purging than me lately. Thus, she has been commissioned for the task.

To the Bat Tank!

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