Friday, June 15, 2007

rattling the cage

So unemployment has not been very good for my blogging habits. In fact it has been detrimental to many of my habits, but that it is another tangent entirely. For two weeks I haven't done much except sleep, watch TV on the internets, celebrate liberally, and paint. Lots and lots of paint.

Painting means that the somewhat manageable pile of stuff that I had rummaged through heretofor has devolved into a gaping maw of disorganization and junkpile mayhem. Anything that was in the way downstairs was brought upstairs to make room for ladders and pretty new colors. Which means, sadly, that I get to start the purging process all over again. Oh, the vast piles of junk that we accumulate in our lives. On account of this, I am making a new effort to do whatever I can to become one of those people who can throw things away. I don't want to be a pack rat anymore. I don't want to be a prisoner to The Stuff.

That said, as of today, I am a prisoner of my re-education here as a non- degree seeking grad student at UNO. Classes and field observations just about every day all day for the next six weeks. Life? Who has time for a life when there is teacher stuff to be learned?

Oh, but when you really really really don't want to work on that case study there is always time for a blog.

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