Sunday, May 27, 2007

have macbook, will travel

i'm blogging at the r-bar!

due to the purchase of my shiny, sexy new macbook i am now a citywide blogger! seeing as it is a holiday weekend and i have been doing nothing but going to work and working on derby i opted to have a lounging/drinking day. somewhere between the WFTDA conference and derby practice and the end-of-season awards shenanigans i've ceased to have a life so today my life is measured in rum and cokes. tomorrow i will get back to the odious task of Getting Organized and will perhaps find new and fabulous things to post. i already have quite a collection of memorabilia that i need to scan but as i said, derby is life. my goal, should i choose to accept it, is to have a house that is somewhat functional by the time i start school on june 15th. so, after i quit my job on thursday and then go to 80s night and then go to destin for the weekend and interview with the Recovery School Disctrict, i have quite the to-do list to get through. hopefully, i will have further progress to report then.

tomorrow (memorial day) i am going to try and get a head start before further madness ensues. more to come. but for now there is only more rum!

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