Tuesday, May 22, 2007

has all our screaming been for nothing?

this is off-topic but this is so not acceptable. it is so far beyond acceptable that i think i might have to go puke from the disgusting absurdity of it all.

one step forward, three steps back.

and now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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Maitri said...

*sigh* To live in New Orleans now, we must scream everyday. We receive this news only because we are ALL really, on some insouciant level, giving up to the powers that held this city before the storm like Nagin, Jefferson and the innards of NOPD, and hopin gbeyond hope that they will make it different tomorrow. This beautiful city needs a lot more saving from all of us, but when will she start taking everything we have to give?

Oh, this is Maitri, BERG fan #1 (as Smasher calls me). Thanks for a GREAT season and congratulations on becoming a rollergirl, if I think you are who you are. And welcome to the wide, wide world of the bloggernet - thanks for the link!