Wednesday, February 04, 2009

if you're looking to take up my job

It is occurring to me more and more that it isn't about what needs to change in the school, in the kids, in the parents, in the teachers. It's about me not being cut out for this - at least, not being even close to ready or prepared.

And I keep going over and over and over and nothing changes. Because my way doesn't work either. And I wasn't particularly great at this to begin with and I've only improved marginally. So please keep the following things in mind, future wanna-be teachers of the universe (and especially New Orleans):

  • you are not their teacher, you are their mother/father/best friend/worst enemy
  • take nothing for granted
  • you can't assume they know anything
  • you can't take anything personally
  • as soon as you find yourself thinking adults vs.'ve failed
  • you have to be good at manipulation - they'll never give you control
  • if you've got control over them then there are only a few possibilities (choose one): they have been fooled into thinking that they are in control and you are a superhero teacher, they are not learning shit but just sitting through your class and hoping it ends soon and that being quiet will get them a good grade, OR your students have been brainwashed by aliens
  • one word: management.
  • and finally, your students don't have to get you but you have to get your kids - if you don't, you might as well write FAIL on everyone's forehead
And me, I don't get it. I don't get it so hard that I've been banging my head against the same fucking wall for going on two years. So what really needs to happen is that the person cut out to teach these kids needs to make twice as much money as I do and I will blog about them. Because I've wasted everyone's time here pretending that I had the chops for this and, just like every other bright-eyed young twit wooed into teaching by "alternative certification programs," I thought I could change the fucking world and save everyone.

And I can't. I just can't.

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