Friday, February 01, 2008

i have to be enigmatic today

This week was generally awful.

Again, I face the old dilemma of how much to tell about my precise school. I've already narrowed it down to a handful of possible schools as it is. Those in the know have probably already figured it out. And while I want to share the cool things and promote my school, I think it is also an important part of this blog to share the bad. Unfortunately, I don't think I can truly do that. Not without putting myself and my school in a very compromised position. In the interest of watching my own butt, there are some really fun things that I can't blog about as well and that's kind of sucky.

I guess I have to do like the principal always says and stay focused on the kids. It's about them. And days like yesterday and today, I wish I could share with everyone but especially my students that I am on their side. I wish that I could voice that to them and support them in a situation where I am helpless to do anything. I have to be an adult and show solidarity with the adults.

But let's face it, folks - sometimes the kids know what they are talking about. And someone needs to start listening to them.

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mominem said...

I know something about your anonymity. I have blogged semi anonymously for a while and people who know me or read my blog consistently could figure out who I am, where I live and probably much more.

While I cling to the notion of anonymity, I realize it is a thin shield.