Wednesday, December 24, 2008

not thinking about school

This is what I've been doing over break. Second bag is in the works in gold yarn. My hands actually are starting to hurt from all the crochet madness but it's keeping my brain clear and I get pretties at the end of it. Made a hat for my aunt for X-mas and have been making pot holders with skulls on them. But the bag is my new favorite thing.

Thinking that I will make a line of potholders with mathematical formulas on them and sell them on Etsy for extra cash. And an extra excuse to keep crocheting.

For now, my two weeks are going at a leisurely pace. Trying to enjoy it while it lasts.


Leigh C. said...

You deserve this time, madame. I've been a cross-stitching fool myself, lately.

Be well, and Happy Holidays!

Mer said...

!!! Potholders with skulls = the most badass kitchen knicknack EVER!!!!