Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Budget Woes

I love a good kid-free day, I must admit. Today was another 'professional development' day and I got to spend most of it catching up on grades and trying to plot better ways to get my act together and keep the kids organized. Today was also lots of leadership meetings and faculty meetings. I ended up at the leadership meeting, something I should really go to more often, mostly because I had volunteered to help with the school budget. The school budget which is due next week. The school budget which is not anywhere near ready. I sat down with the principal once everyone had left today to look at the books and realized what a huge task lays ahead.

The good news is that I get a break from the kids to work on it and I think I really need that break. Tomorrow I will be trying to make some sense of all the receipts that got handed off to me. Then there is the larger budget to tackle and that is just...whoa. It's a fraction of the budgets I used to work with but it is possibly more of a headache. I have got to get us tracking expenses monthly and keeping better projections.

My class is taking a break from the mind-bending world of equivalent fractions and decimals to work on place value and writing numbers in word form. I thought it would be something simple for them to work on while taking a break from exams but then I forgot that most of my kids can't spell for shit. So I'm trying to put together enough stuff to help them out with that and keep them working while I have a sub in my room. I'm also hoping that maybe they'll appreciate me a little more for my absence. I just need some room to breathe, some time to collect my brain and come back with a better view of the situation.

Grades are due soon and I have the largest 6th grade homework to compile. God, but the grades are depressing.

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