Sunday, September 30, 2007

sunday afternoon blahs

Every weekend I am supposed to be a productive human being and do school work so that I can sleep during the week. But I find that I am so sick of responsibility that it is all I can do to just stare at the papers keep myself from burning them. It is nearly 4 o'clock on a Sunday and I haven't done a damn thing. I think that I wouldn't be so discouraged if not for the six million things that I have to do for UNO on top of everything I have to do just to survive a normal day at school. I'm not being a good time manager and it is only going to get worse and that only makes me want to shut down and cry.

Most of my students are failing. It's hard not to feel like that is my fault.

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E.J. said...

" matter the severity of our own circumstances, we have something to give to others. The fact of this does not invalidate our pain, but affirms our worth, that even in pain we can be of value." -Wayne Muller