Saturday, September 01, 2007

passing notes

Most of the notes I collect from students in my class are pretty standard teenage stuff. Lots of "he be trippin" and "you be messin" and "she likes so-and-so" and "he's a hottie" and "are you friends with that one girl?" All of this written exactly as they would speak, phonetically and without punctuation. Two notes that I collected this past week were being blantantly passed across the room by two of my girls, Miss J (my attitude) and Miss K (smarter than she thinks she is). The first one I confiscated from Miss K. Most of the time she just hands them over but this note she did not want me to read and tore it up before handing it to me. I could tell that is was a sort of inventory of who likes who, who's cool, who's cute, etc, etc. The second one I confiscated from Miss J and she torn a corner off trying to keep it from me. Again, an inventory. On one corner read: "One bitchy teacher: Ms. Em."

I stapled it up on the bulletin board by my desk. Miss J thinks I'd be mad at her for it. Shows what that girl knows.

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Anonymous said...

Anti Em, I've been reading your blog. I know what you're dealing with. I moved here 2 months ago from Austin, TX. I've taught in elementary public schools for 7 years and private school for 7 years. Now I'm a Dyslexia Specialist, working with non-readers at Langston Hughes Academy.I,too, have kids that constantly interrupt me, and have no respect or appreciation of what I'm offering them.But, there's always a few who do want to learn.
Try not to take the insults personally. These kids have huge trust issues that have nothing to do with you. Hold your head up and stay with it. You're doing a difficult and magnificent thing.
from Ruffit's Mom