Saturday, September 15, 2007

layin' the smack down

My week ended relatively calmly. I did my best to scare some sense into my kids. 14 of them out of 50 passed the last math test and I gave them hell about it. No more "I can't" and no more "I'm not good at math." Screw that. Every last one of those kids has the brains to pass my class and I'm not about to let them slide by and become statistics. I told them that I was disappointed that they choose to screw around in class and then just accept failure. It's not okay because I know that they can do better and they will do better, dammit. So sit down, shut up, pay attention, and take responsibility for your actions, you little punk brats.

I also spent some time at the bar with the teachers last night and oh, how drunk teachers can be a little militant with non-teachers. Have I mentioned that I kind of have a thing about the librarian? This will probably come back to bite me but I was psyched that he made it out last night. So did Mr. R and KO (she got me my job and was also visiting school yesterday). I've got so much backup - it makes the exhausting days bearable. KO insisted that Mr. G, the principal, thinks I'm doing good teacher-type things and that made my night. I'm constantly in fear that I'm doing something horribly wrong, that I'm not good enough, I'm not working hard enough. But she was very reassuring. Mr. R (who teaches 7th and 8th) invited himself to come into my class next week and put the fear of god into my kids. I told him to come in and set them straight any time he wants. Everybody is in agreement that our school's principal is a rock star. I know that I talk about him a lot but really, he's the principal every good teacher needs and wants to have at their back. I love it so much.

Even though I have a million tons of work to do this weekend, I'm going to Mobile to watch me some derby. Biloxi vs. Mobile and our refs are going in to help out. I don't want to miss out on the fun so I'm taking the homework with me and being a little irresponsible. Can't work all the time, right?

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Mark said...

Sounds like good positive feedback and a well deserved trip. You don't get a lot of comments and may think no one is listening, but after getting referred here by Ray Shea I've been dropping in regularly.

For what you are doing all of the people of New Orleans, but most importantly those of your kids that you will get through to, will be eternally grateful