Friday, August 17, 2007


I think I may have my third suspension in four days. And a kid who either has some serious clinical behavior issues that I am not prepared to cope with or has just gotten away with being a punkass liar for so long that he doesn't know how to take responsibility for himself anymore. In any case, I am not amused.

Oh, but the day started out so well. Even the special ed teacher who was in my class this morning thought so. We just had a moment when we looked at each other in complete amazement of how well the kids were doing with the assignment and being on task. And then the day went all to hell, as it does. My afternoon schedule is a disaster for classroom management.

They are most of them socially inept and irresponsible - but I love them all (45 and counting). Even when they are giving me lip and shooting nasty looks at me. Word on the street is that our school is the dumping ground for kids who can't cut it elsewhere. Our principal is putting a stop to that real damn fast, godluvhim. Tomorrow I will have a report on the first faculty meeting and perhaps a scanned copy of the most amusing notes that I've confiscated so far.

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