Thursday, August 09, 2007

it's official!

Yes, ladies and gents, it took 3.75 days but the kids finally drove me to cry. Not in front of them, heaven forbid, and certainly not because they are horrible little monsters for whom there is no hope. I see a lot of hope. No, these were tears of frustration. What I'm doing isn't working therefore there is chaos so I'm more than a little pissed at myself for getting into this spot.

But tomorrow is a new day and soon there will be a new week. Throw out the first week, it's broke. Start over. Breathe.

Oh right, and according to reports from the librarian (and more than a few nasty looks from my students) I am mean. Just what I always wanted.

1 comment:

Vanesa said...

good for you! both for crying and for being mean.

I just wrapped up two years of teaching, my first week was significantly worse than what you've just described (as in, i was a worse teacher), and i still bounced back. you will too. if you want someone to bounce ideas off of, let me know.