Tuesday, July 17, 2007

faster, sooner, now

I can't decide whether the LA Department of Education is going to be helpful or just an addition to the madness. I'm excited and stressed out. Not getting enough sleep because I've got too much to get done in 24 hours and also because my brain is just too busy trying to sort out the details. Still haven't managed to scratch out some time to go visit my classroom and try and make some sense of all the information that has been thrown at me in the last six weeks. It's amazing what a difference such a short time can make. More stressed out than I have been in quite a while but much happier about it.

I haven't even seen a class list yet and I'm already thinking of the students as 'my kids.' It's a warmfuzzy nervous feeling associated with the thought of My Kids. I just hope that I don't get so bogged down in the mechanics of how this is all supposed to work that I don't get to know them this first year. My Kids in My Neighborhood. Here's to not setting the personal stakes too high. And just getting through the next two weeks of full-time grad work.

I'm so psyched.

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