Monday, July 23, 2007

Algebra Camp: Day 1

We got our algebra camp kiddies today. I totally picked the right age group to work with! They are all over the place so think fast. This afternoon's activities were just preliminary assessment and warm-up games. I've got four kids that I'm responsible for teaching and keeping out of trouble. Two go to the International School together--kids who've got just about everything a kid could want--and the other two are on totally different ends of the spectrum. She's friendly and obviously smart and he's very shy and needs some help but, from what I can tell, a very sweet kid. This is definitely a more culturally diverse group than I will have in school but they are all at a different level of mathematical understanding so that is a good challenge for me to have.

Despite how cool it is to have some minds to warp, going to a classroom and being responsible for ten times as many kids is still a daunting prospect. As I've been told many, many times: you can't save them all. Oh, but I really, really want to.

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