Monday, April 02, 2007

tales from the junk pile

depite having done quite a bit of cleaning, my craft room still looks like quite a disaster, as you can see. there is still no real method to my organizational madness. but trust me, i threw out a lot of crap. old high school and college notebooks (medieval history notes, bad high school poetry that i'm ashamed to have written, remnants of assignments long forgotten) that i have been lugging around for years. it was time to let go.

but there was also some fun stuff. such as my box of sewing patterns (that desperately needs reorganized), several old barbies, all my knitting paraphernalia, and my long-lost nail polish collection. lots of fabric that i'd forgotten about, although most of it is now kept in one of my many dressers (two for clothes, one just for fabric). to think that at one point in my life all of my worldly possessions could fit--just barely--into my car. well, all except the stuff that lived in boxes at my parents' house. that stuff doesn't count. now i've got all this pesky furniture but still no place to store anything. the pictured beer can, by the way, was my cleaning beverage--i didn't find it in the junk pile. i did, however, find several empty pepsi cans left over from when my ex-boyfriend was still living with me. let's not even talk about all of the abandoned socks...

i have two, count 'em two!, closets in my bedroom. my house, built in 1920, used to be a two story double split right down the middle with a two bedroom apartment on each side. (for those who aren't familiar with new orleans houses, the shotgun double is a trademark of the city, though my house is too craftsman to be a real shotgun.) at some point down the road, a previous owner thought it would be a good idea to knock out a few walls. the house still has two apartments but they busted out a wall dividing two bedrooms in the front of the house on the second story so that the bedroom in my apartment spans the entire width of the house. the other apartment is now only a one bedroom. this is how i came up with two closets (a rarity in a city in which many houses were built before the days of the built-in closet). the closet on my craft-half of the bedroom has been designated for vintage and costume-type items. you can just make out my dad's letter jacket (1976!), a pink tutu given to me by a good friend in college, and the remnants of a dress that my old roommate wore for the red dress run last year, among other things. it is in a constant state of disaster. but i am hoping to make some headway, one day at a time. i probably should go out and buy some of those nifty closet organizers that i have always lusted after. but i just spent too much money getting new knee pads for roller derby so i will just have to live like this.

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