Friday, March 30, 2007

time for spring cleaning!

it's spring in new orleans! all two weeks of it. a time when the trees bloom within a matter of seconds, pollen wafting through the air turns all vehicles yellow, natives enjoy that brief period of electric bill respite before summer kicks in, and i start thinking about cleaning out my craft room again.

a few months ago, my mother started bringing me boxes full of stuff that has not seen daylight since i graduated from high school and left home. all of which has found its way into what is ostensibly my crafty/sewing room and been left there to collect dust and spiders. last night, inspired by a beautiful spring evening with my windows open and music blaring, i decided to dig into the mountain of debris and start clearing out the junk in a last-ditch effort to save my sewing room. what i found was 25 years of memories that i'd completely forgotten about.

inspired, i've decided to blog the most interesting items here. my own little lost and found. since i always have a closet to clean or a new box to reopen, i figure i have a practically endless supply of memoribilia and useless plastic toys with which to infect cyberspace.

those classics/ancient greek nerds out there on the internets may be able to figure out why i've chosen a name like 'dorophoria' for this blog. but i'll save that explaination for another day.

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