Monday, July 20, 2009

state of the blog

No comment from this peanut gallery, but it'll be interesting to see how things pan out this school year with the ACSA. I know that I've become pretty disillusioned with education in general in New Orleans and my trust in my school has been shaken severely.

But my boss says I still have a job. So I go on.

I believe the nature of some of the fucked-up at my job has become too much for me to safely blog as in the past. Which isn't to say that this blog will shut down, just that I will have to make some changes. I'll be sticking to math nerd-ness and general ed. Time to lock things up and hide them away. As a teacher, I no longer feel comfortable commenting on the state of my school or New Orleans education. It's been a long time considering whether to even continue. I got a hint of what type of crap I'm really facing out there in recent months and as much as I wanted to blog about it, I realize that the internet is a small place and I'm going to get myself in trouble eventually.

Can't afford that. Got a job to do and I can't do it out here.


Sophmom said...

Just write and don't post. That way, when you give up entirely, you'll have a book. Maybe you could even get together with other "former" teachers in the NOLA blogosphere & write a really big book. Sorry. :(

Leigh C. said...

Save that writing on a jump drive or three. At least the act of doing it will get some of the craziness out of your head and into words, which helps, trust me. Hang in there and think about it.

I, too, am sorry, but it is a fine line blogging about work and all and it is absolutely understandable that generalities will take over in that case.

Anonymous said...

I second that idea, at the very least. I have taught in Nola for 7 years out of a decade of teaching, all public school years. I understand your decision, but document, document document while keeping your eye on the real prize: the kids.

-a fellow teacher