Saturday, March 28, 2009

an now for something completely different...

Been talking Unapologetic's ear off about my kids lately because it was a tough week of test prep gone bad at school and I'm just frustrated with my students' complete lack of will to succeed lately.

So I would like to introduce you all, dear interwebs, to some of the things that I've been using for mental distraction. Dorophoria, after all, began not as my teaching blog but as the moniker of a crafting enterprise that never formulated. I've been fantasizing about using my summer's to get back into the yarn and paper and glue and needles and fabrics. Until then, I just drool over other people's stuff:

New favorite craft blog: the purl bee
Also enjoying: CraftyCrafty

Otherwise, I've been a total comics nerd and my recent purchases and reading is listed as follows:

- Dr. Who: The Forgotten (all 6 issues)
- Dr. Who: The Whispering Gallery (single issue, short and sweet read)
- Courtney Crumrin and the Tale of the Fire Thief (3rd in series)
- Courtney Crumrin and the Prince of Nowhere (4th in series and if you haven't picked up Ted Naifeh then you're missing out on some goodness from the Youth category)
- SwampThing - Alan Moore (first trade and so far so good)
- The Umbrella Academy (Issues 1-5 still unread by that's up next)
- Fables (up to issue 81 or 82 now I believe)
- FreakAngels (Warren Ellis, bitches!)
- Aetheric Mechanics (more Warren Ellis, bitches! and it's teh awesome)
- Star Trek (in comic form, which I haven't read yet but apparently it's good stuff so we'll see)

Now I'm just getting Unapologetic into 100 Bullets and I've got to get him into the Transmetropolitan before it's too late.

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