Monday, September 01, 2008

hurrication 2008: hurricane hillbillies and nola-fugees

Completely reliant upon the Twitter community for good Gustav information. WWL is every evacuee's hero where the national news networks are EPIC FAIL. The roomie and I have been fortunate to avoid exposure to much television. Especially concerned about her because her son is still at Gustav-central and while the winds are slacking, there is still concern about late-arriving storm surge.

Based on pictures from Bea, who stayed in the city, there are trees down and power out but no indication of water at this time. The Harvey Canal on the west bank appears to be holding fast so there is hope that we're gonna get through this without major disaster. Trying not to be overly optimistic yet but definitely feeling better.

Still worried about the state of school. The grounds flood in a good rain on a normal summer day and we didn't put sandbags out on Friday so I'm afraid there may be water in some offices and the cafeteria. A messy clean up if nothing else. Hoping to get back soon and help out if I can.

Calls home get no answering machine. No power in the Point.

Ready to go home, though.

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