Saturday, August 23, 2008

and one other thing

Cliff mentioned that the principal of his childs's school came to his home to talk to him about the school. And really, I feel like that is a great sign. I have heard too many horror stories about administrations that are uninvolved and out-of-touch and, to me, that is the heart of the problem.

It is also why I think my boss is a rock star. He's with the kids all day, his door is always open, and he physically gets out in the community, the churches, the corner store, the pot-holed streets and talks to people. That's a sign of a dedicated and committed administration in a school. If you don't have that, your best teachers are going to run like hell.

So I guess what I'm saying is that sure, you want better teachers and more involved parents and better things for our kids, but if you want to get those things we need to build a better class of administrator. I can say for sure that I would not have returned to teaching this year if I didn't have the unwavering support of my principal, if I didn't respect and believe in him and his vision for my school and - ultimately - my community.

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