Saturday, January 19, 2008

twist my arm

What do you do when your father makes you an offer that you'd be an idiot to refuse? My dad just called offered to paint my house, replace the other apartment's appliances, refinish the floors, paint the walls, do some yard work, generally fix the place up, and pay my $700 per month. If I give my renter notice to be out my May 1st and let my dad move in in June.

I'd be a lunatic to refuse. I'd be a lunatic to accept. But hell, it would be exactly like having a live-in maintenance guy on site who pays me. Really, the deal-maker is the fact that he's offering to PAINT MY HOUSE!

Dear gods, how I have longed to paint my house and make it pretty and new and bright. But there is no way I could afford it any time in the near future.

But then my dad would be living next door. And I never ever wanted to be one of those people who lives next door to their parents in their adulthood. But here I am, contemplating it. Somebody please explain to me how this could go horribly, horribly wrong.


Kelly Green said...

i'll say it ...

the awkwardness that is bringing a guy home and possibly running into your father on the way out.

other than that worry, i'd say it sounds like a pretty sweet deal. your dad is a pretty cool guy.

Soviet's hubby said...

Just do it. You can take "long weekends" and have somebody you trust watch the place.