Friday, November 16, 2007

"what i did?"

Some of my kids are royal little shit heads. After today, I would not be surprised if I get my house vandalized. Today is the first time that this became a real thought in my head.

I am the bitch today. I'm the bad guy. I've got two torn up progress reports to prove it. I'll be paying for that soon.

It sucks. I can't even think of anything else to say. It just sucks.

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Mark said...

Reread your post of 10/31. As I read what you post, I now: you are a good teacher. You are just (a I hear people say around town) "in recovery".

I have a good friend who walked away from Leap tutoring extremely marginal kids in St. Tammany, and I understand. I would understand if you walked away.

From everything you've written here, I don't think you will, but no one who has undertaken to teach in New Orleans today should be judged by anyone who is not walking in that teacher's shows. Leave or stay, you have reached for the starts adn made a difference, and very few people can claim that for themselves.

I hope your holiday refreshes and recharges you. Peace.