Tuesday, August 14, 2007

play time is so over

So if church can't put the fear of god in these kids and our principal can't spook the fear of god into my kids, who can? Well, I'm not giving up just yet. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

That's become my motto to get through it: Tomorrow is a whole new day. And when I say "get through it" I don't mean to imply that I'm just gritting my teeth and plowing through the day as best I can to get out the other side a survivor. When I say "get through it" I mean, accepting that change takes time and I've got to stay steady. It's not enough for teachers to be survivors. They've got to be champions of the universe and being champion of the universe may involve more than a few setbacks. And that's okay.

Today, after lunch, I asked the principal to come in and scare/inspire some sense into my kids. I figured it would be more effective than sending them all to the office. It worked, too...for the whole hour or so that the principal came in to my class. Then they went to P.E. and it was back to business as chaotic usual. Oh well, tomorrow is a whole new day. I've already warned my principal that there will probably be more than a few of my kids in his office tomorrow. Maybe after the first three the rest will get the picture.

Today Miss J has been putting on the good face but mocking me behind my back (literally) so that's gonna have to stop real fast. Right now I have a grand total of perhaps 6 kids (out of what is now almost 50) who really seem to give a damn and put in an effort to follow the rules. The rest are still a work in progress, though it still really ticks me off that the good ones have to suffer through it until then.

I'm still determined to get through to them. No, I can't save them all but I can at least get them to behave themselves in my classroom. Until then, hunker down and just remember: tomorrow is a whole new day.

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