Sunday, August 26, 2007

multitasking and organization

There is a crazy amount of paperwork to keep up with and my meager filing system is not yet up to the task. I need a file for each student, files for lesson plans, files for activities, files for school handouts, files for discipline documentation, files for nurse notes, files for tests, files for assignments to grade and assignments that have been graded. And there is just not time to do all of this. Or maybe I'm just to exhausted to think about it but I know that I have to get organized and that will make my life easier. Before you start teaching everybody says, "Be organized," but no one really tells you where to start. It's all on-the-job training. I am forced to wing it constantly, which I knew would happen but I can't help but wonder whether I'm really making the best decisions that way. I miss lots of things. I can only multitask up to a certain point and then my brain just falls apart. It's like an endurance sport trying to keep up with it all.

Oh, let's not forget all the IEPs I have yet to read and cumilative files for all my students in the office that I keep meaning to go look at. And all the phone calls I keep meaning to make.

I just need one more day in my weekend to keep my thoughts together. The good news is that Tuesday is an in-service day so I only have to plan four lessons for this week. Speaking of which, I must get to it.

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