Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Algebra Camp: Day 3

I can see how teaching can quickly become exhausting. During camp hours I am ON at all times. Who needs help? Who needs separated? Who's got a pencil? What are we doing? How do we keep them under control? Are they keeping up? Are they bored? How do we make it better? Who hasn't had a turn yet? Who went to the bathroom? How many copies do we need? What if we have too much time to kill?

And that ON feeling stays through my drive home, during which I spend the entire time thinking about tomorrow's lesson and my kids' assessments. But when I get home and I get a snack and I sit down I suddenly burn out and turn OFF. It is so nap time right now. But no, no time for naps.

Going to the Zephyrs game tonight with my dad to watch them play the Tacoma Rainiers (go r-bos!). Tomorrow evening is the first night of derby bootcamp which continues Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. The only free time I have between now and Monday is a little bit of time to do school work in the mornings tomorrow and Friday. God, I'm tired. But the kids are still great and I still love what I'm doing and I still think that being a math teacher is going to Rule the Skool. My kids are are not at all what I expected from Day 1 in a lot of ways. I love trying to figure them out.

20 minutes until I have to catch a ferry to meet my dad. Maybe just a quick nap.

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will said...

Has any of them asked if they can has cheezburger yet?

Seeya at the game.
Section 217, Row 8, Seats 1-2 (Behind home plate).