Monday, May 07, 2007

where unwanted electronics go to die...

apparently, my 'sewing room' is more of an 'electronic graveyard' than i would care to admit. witness exhibit a: crappy keyboard that has not been out of the box for several years. back in high school it lived on the floor beneath my bedroom window, a pathetic replacement for the piano that my parents sold when i stopped taking lessons and we moved to a different house.

exhibit b: defunct stereo. back when having a three cd changer was still cool, this stereo was the replacement for an even older system that my parents had purchased when i was a wee tiny whose age was numbered in months, not years. i inherited this one in college and it served it's purpose just fine until i moved to new orleans, whereupon it decided that playing cds is a job for losers and it wanted nothing to do with me. it still works, as long as you only want to listen to tapes or possibly the radio (on a good day).

exhibit c: ye olde tv. okay, its not as old as some tvs in my family but it has at least a dozen years on it. a device that had seen better days by the time i inherited it (upon moving to NOLA). it's been living under the sewing table for more than a year now because i'm too lazy to get rid of it. maybe i'll paint a face on it and name him todd.

exhibit d: turn table. my old neighbors gave this to me for free at the big neighborhood garage sale last year. i thought that it would plug in to the above-mentioned stereo and i might actually be able to listen to some of the great records i'd picked up around the neighborhood. in the end, my neighbors got the better end of the deal and i got another peice of junk i can't use. but as long as i'm naming my useless electronics, this one is called bernice.

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