Tuesday, April 10, 2007

before i was a roller derby girl...

...i used to play softball. four years in high school. was a really crappy outfielder for a couple of years (right field...because nobody could hit to right field) until one day we were desperate for catchers so my friend tobi and i stepped up. playing catcher was way more fun, if hard on the knees (much like derby). i think we may even have been team captains our senior year. not that it really meant anything. our team sucked.

you go ahead and figure out which one i am. based on who was in this photo, i'd say it is junior year, which would make this spring of '99. eight years ago, if my math isn't mistaken. my hair was much, much longer and i was at least 15 or 20 pounds heavier than i am today. i am ashamed to admit that even though there were only 120 girls at my high school, i have forgotten the names of at least a third of the girls in this picture. no, maybe only a quarter.

i am still kind of surprised that this photo exists and that i happen to have a copy of it.


will said...

Wow, Em. Nice pigtails.

Brewster said...

The pigtails are awesome.