Friday, August 28, 2009

the data bitch keeps her mouth shut

Just when I say I'm going to behave myself on the interwebs and not talk so much about my kids, shit flies.

Yesterday, while on bus duty, a couple of my students from last year were talking about the math teacher quitting.  When the first boy mentioned it to me with his signature sneaky grin, I thought he was hatching a plot to drive the math teacher to quit (which I immediately sought to squash - if my kids want justice for being treated badly, then they cannot be participants in cruelty).  Upon discussion with a larger group of boys, however, they insisted that the teacher had packed up his stuff and left that day.  I tried to caution them about making such assumptions - they might get disappointed in the morning.

Today I find out that they weren't just hoping.  And the only people who are really hurting on account of this guy are the kids.  Don't even get me started on that rant.

And they are already interviewing someone else.

And I'm sitting in my supply closet crunching numbers (they tried to kick me out today - I shot that one down quick).  Knowing that no one else outside knows those kids the way I know those kids.  That's cool, though.  Sometimes you've got to take the subversive route.  But I gotta say, it's been hard to answer all the kids' questions about my job.  Number one question, "What class you teaching?"  Number two question (when they find out I'm not teaching), "Why?!"  The guilty pseudo-mom side of me is trying not to feel like I've let them down by not teaching.

More on the number crunching once I've got the ELA finished.

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